Egyptian Caribbean Poker

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Egyptian Caribbean Poker

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Ancient Egyptian is not only a majestic architecture, paradisiacal gardens, unique sculptures and pyramids; it is also many miles of lifeless desert. In the game Egyptian Caribbean Poker you will start on a journey there. It is possible to be tormented by the pitiless sun in the daytime and to be frozen at night. It is also possible to be bitten by a snake. There is nothing in the desert to stop the look and it may drive you mad. But all these testing you will pass not in vane. Your aim is to find an unusual camel and to persuade him to play with you Egyptian Caribbean Poker. He is a good fellow and he will take your offer undoubtedly. His particular descriptions are: tall, slender, the wool is brown and light, he will wear in green sun glasses; he is absolutely not dangerous and has a habit to spit out money! This fact should force you to treat him kindly because of this camel depends your play.

Movement: mouse

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